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Welcome to my website and the enhancement of your life’s journey. I offer my pure intentions for your highest and best interest and service with my gift.  (Inspiration at “MESSAGES” below)

I was born psychic and have spent my life developing and enhancing my abilities through focusing on my spirituality and the Higher Truths that have been given to me directly from the Other Side. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and do psychometry. I am able to give information on:


Past Lives

Life Purpose


Deceased Loved Ones

Business Concerns


Missing Persons

Medical Problems

My abilities and the kinds of information I receive is unlimited. People comment on the readings having a powerful impact on them, often life changing, as they are a deeper level and often revelatory. I see the opportunity to have a reading as a significant event.

Readings are usually over the phone and can be done over the internet. If you would like more information, please email or call me for more details.

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This is a regularly changing forum for insight and inspiration.  The information will change regularly, so visit as often as you like and refer others if you feel they will benefit in some way.

April 2008

Watching as things begin to accelerate in shifting, I notice how there is a parting of the ways...the negative becomes more so and the positive, so beautifully sublime!  I am sure you are noticing even via the media that there are things done to people that seem beyond cruel, and yet others are rallying to create personal interactions that change and shift realities!  Of course these interactions and energies not only help others, but raises the consciousness of the giver (unless your pattern is to give and give and not receive, which can be a challenge for those who consciously choose to be on the Path and Remember, they must keep balance). 


The illusion in all of this is the polarized world (and thus your personal life), is to eventually transcend into another level of consciousness, but a part of that can seem like it can get worse before it gets better.  It is the  last hooray” as one might say.  Just as one would do spring housecleaning, taking things out and sorting can create the fear/ illusion that things get worse before they get better, or as some say, “It is darkest before the dawn.” 


It is necessary to sort through and evaluate what we think, say, and do, the why and wherefore, whether it feels good in the body or not, whether it is ours or passed on genetically in your DNA, or sandbagged from our experience in this lifetime.  Further, whether it is ours or someone else’s projections onto us of their own negative feelings.  Ultimately one must realize whether it resounds as truth, not from our cognitive evaluation of it, but from the core of our heart/soul.  Simply stated, our body will confirm out conclusion or mistake with a feeling of expandedness or if not aligned with truth, contraction/heaviness.  Sometimes we are lied to or we lied to ourself, and that can never go on for long, as Truth always prevails.


You may have noticed that karma has been quickened the last few years.  ie: You accidentally cut someone off in traffic, and then someone accidentally cuts you off in short order.  It is all our higher selves letting us know to be conscious and in the moment and ultimately FOCUSED ON OUR INTENTION. 


No matter how much outer appearances or words can be used or mislead, we must come from full integrity.  I am sure you have all had the experience of someone saying something to you with words and tone that sounded nice, yet you got the uncomfortable feeling that they were thinking/feeling quite the opposite so their words belied the truth. 


There are those who do not speak or act for fear of doing something wrong, and so think their inner discourse is fine no matter what.  What you think, you are putting out into the Universe and so that needs to be tended to.  If you are angry or upset, it is better to talk to someone about it or journal it to get it off your chest, and there are many other techniques.  If you are afraid to be honest as someone will judge you as caustic, you must know that you have more integrity than the person who is pretending to be nice.  A lie begets another lie and we all know deep within which is which.


One must own their own inner reality, sort through how much of it they have picked up along the way that has nothing to do with them (as in psychology "leveling" is where people try to bring others down for power/control or because they are threatened by their gifts or Light, vs. them choosing to use that as an example to move their own awareness to a higher level).


I remember in my early 20's finding a Master from the East that was the closest to what I knew myself of Higher Consciousness but with no one to address it with, so I had a rendezvous with him.  One of the first things he said to me is "You have spent so many lifetimes avoiding karma, that I must tell you that there is karma in avoiding karma!" and then he chuckled.  That was very disconcerting as I knew I was a good person and it was my focus to be so in every way possible.  Then to find out that that wasn't quite good enough!?!  <smile>  That would be an example of what fear can do…create immobilization, no matter how great the intent, and also your religion can permeate social consciousness and keep us limited on so many levels.


His advice to me was to just make a decision and do it, whether right or wrong, you are moving through life and from my consciousness I came to understand that you are in fact judged by your intention.  That is a profound Truth!   We have all had the situation where you try to help and in doing so, the other is inadvertently hurt.  On the other hand an individual may feel like giving, but with an agenda, and frankly if it is other than just to feel good, it is also of questionable purpose! It is a challenging situation that keeps many of us from moving through life, so we suffer, and often the others suffer as they can't find their way, and we know what to do or say, but we are afraid of hurting another or creating karma.  If you intentions are pure…Just Do It!  <smile> 


Please know that this helps shift the consciousness of everyone, when we do our own inner work.  You are better to be upfront and lay things on the table as kindly and from the heart as you can.  Know that some balk as you "hit the nail on the head," and their mind may not want to hear the truth, but their heart/soul does.  Shakespeare (who was St. Germaine incarnate, and also Sir Francis Bacon in another life) wrote, "Thou doth protest too much!" which of course indicates that one is being defensive to cover the truth.


All of these are markers for Divine Truth and how we are to embrace Truth on all levels and Divine Knowingness manifest within ourselves and our everyday lives.  If we all focused on Self for a month, then the world could change overnight! 


Unfortunately, I was given a vision of a missile a few days ago, set up to be made by in another country in a deserted area with only a few people on the project and it was tied up and ready and set to be shipped and go.  I share this not to give you disconcerting news, but to know that there is much to do, and us awakening, and paying attention to the “signs” is paramount.  There has been much intervention done already and things have been averted, but when I am shown these things, I am to share that the consciousness of as many beings on earth as possible are needed to help defray from larger losses.  No matter what, know if you are aligned with God/Divine/Source and choosing to move Higher, then you will be protected, as long as you listen and follow what you are urged to do.


Thank you for being here during such profound times and potential for major shifts here and elsewhere.  We need you, each and everyone, and please spread the word!  We don’t have to go to desperate conditions where one will wonder how they can even survive to “wake up”…we can do it beforehand, and avert some of these negative potentials.  It is a grand thing that you are here right now…don’t get sucked into the negativity…pray for Divine help and it will be there in Legions of Angels and Hierarchy, and then Receive it, listen to it and act on it, no matter how faint!  Ask to be clear and pure and linked to the Divine.


Bless you for participating in this undertaking.  Love and Light will prevail and I thank you for all you do, every day and in every way!


Divine blessings,

Susan Reishus 





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Centering Exercise

Find the Light that is your Soul…it is located in the breast plate/sternum area, and if that presents a challenge (in that the mind is questioning your ability to do so by making doubtful comments, etc.), then just imagine it as a child would, as imagination is often closer to the real reality than this dense illusion we buy into. 


Take the Light of your Soul, up through the top of your head, up through your Higher Self, (and you will know exactly where that is), and then work your way all the way back to the Divine/God/Source.  It may take you 30 seconds or 30 minutes, but when you reach the point that there is all the Love and Light you can take, then anchor in there and come back down, through your Higher Self, through your entire body, and anchor it 3-4 inches below your feet.  You will feel a peace and calm, and yet a strengthening/fortifying. 


Do this as many times as it takes to feel anchored in, whether that is one time or a dozen (it doesn’t have to be done in one sitting), and then let it go, and They will build it into a shaft/column/pillar of Light that goes completely through you.  You will notice that when you walk into a room or the grocery store, etc., that people will turn and look at you and this is validation of the Light and Consciousness you are consciously choosing to hold. 


From that that point on, all you have to do is think, “I AM IN MY CENTER” and it will shift you into the peace, calm and connectedness that is your birthright.  In fact if you just sat on your sofa, sitting in your Center/Seat of your Soul connected to your Higher Self and the Divine for the rest of your life, then you would be doing your Purest and Highest Service for self and mankind (though we need to hold this in our everyday life and interactions to spread it to the world). 


You can use this when you are tired, have to make a decision, someone is in conflict with you or around you, or people are taking your energy.  Just say to yourself, “I AM IN MY CENTER,” and people who are in conflict will change their behavior or leave, as negativity and fear cannot exist where there is Love and Light.  If you have someone dumping negative energy on you or trying to take yours, then just state inwardly, “I AM IN MY CENTER,” and you will feel the God Force fill you up, and then go our your heart center and solar plexus and you are not giving of yourself anymore, but being a conduit (Can Do It) of Divine Love and Light.  Sometimes people don’t initially like this energy as it is higher than they are used to, but typically they settle into it. 


When you are in this place, you and your Life take on Divine Flow, and life becomes miraculous, similar to being in love, where “The sky is a bluer blue, the grass is a greener green,” etc. <smile> and you are in the world in a more profound way, yet detached in a Divinely guided and healthy way.  This is our Ultimate Reality and Purest Purpose for being here. 


Please feel free to share this by referring people to this webpage, but do not cut and paste it please.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to write me at 


You will find a Healing Session with Hierarchy given on the Testimonials page (will be added this month), which can also be hugely beneficial. 


Check this website monthly as I typically do new Messages of inspiration at the beginning of each month, and if you are guided to have assistance for understanding, linking up or understanding and clearing things, feel free to inquire about a reading, class or online class. 


Divine Love and Light,

Susan A. Reishus








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